(Monographyc Anthology in Progress)
              CDC 014 - (t.t. 71’ 05’’)
Piano transcriptions from Wagner's Operas
             Trascrizioni dalle Opere di Wagner
To talk about Liszt means to have in mind a man who knew how to concentrate within himself quite extraordinary gifts  charm, learning, creativity, and a taste for innovation. It means to speak of a brilliant composer, the most celebrated pianist of all time who founded a school which gave rise to the great stars of orchestration and the performance of concerts.
We will describe him through the filter of two of his works. The first illustrates his ability as a populariser, a musician who knew how to perceive the inner feeling of other musicians and to make that feeling live again from new angles, in this instance through the music of another towering figure of the age  Richard Wagner. The second brings out the technical courage of the virtuouso, a courage to be compared only to that possessed by Paganini.
      Player: Michele CAMPANELLA
      LIST TRACKS  (t.t. 66  39’’)
1.    Elsas Brautzug zum Münster - Corteo nuziale di Elsa verso il Monastero
Elsa's Bridal  Procession                         (8' 49")
2.    Elsas Traum - Sogno di Elsa - Elsa's Dream                 (4' 06" )
3.     Lohengrins Verweis an Elsa - Rimprovero di Lohengrin ad Elsa
     Lohengrin's Admonition                         (3' 52" )
4.    Festspiel und Brautlied - Canto di festa e canzone nuziale
    Festival and Bridal Song                                           (9' 03" )
Tannhäuser und der Sägerkrieg  auf Wartburg - Tannhäuser
5.    "O, du mein holder Abendstern" Rezitativ und Romanze -
         Recitativo e Romanza "Stella della sera"
Recitative and Romance "Evening Star"                 (7' 22" )
Der Fliegende Holländer - L'Olandese volante - The Flying Dutchman
6.     Ballade - Ballata - Ballad                         (5' 40" )
7.     Spinnerlied - Coro delle filatrici - Spinning Chorus             (6' 32" )
Der Ring des Nibelungen - L'Anello del  Nibelungo - The Nibelung's  Ring
8.     Walhall - Valhalla                             (6' 27" )
Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg - I Maestri Cantori di Norimberga
The Mastersingers  of  Nuremberg
9. Am stillen Herd                                                                                           (9' 25" )
10.     Feierlicher Marsch zum heiligen Graal - Marcia solenne al Santo Graal
            Solemn March to the Holy Grail                     (9' 40" )