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          New York, NY - San Diego, California
musical styles:»    Rock/Pop    Jazz    Electronic    Urban/Hip HopWorld/Reggae Alternative/Punk Country/Folk   Blues    Classical      New Age    Inspirational        
20th Century: 1900-2000
There have been substantially more types and styles of music written in the 20th Century than in any other time in history. The only real limit is the composer's imagination and daring! Instrumentation can vary tremendously too: Peter Shcikele has players play on mouthpieces or gargle water during a piece. Another composition may feature a screaming electric guitar accompanied by a toaster! Electronic music is being used to create totally new sounds. From Bela Bartok, Alan Hovhaness to Philip Glass, the 20th century composer has paved the way for Post Modern, where the sky is the limit!
Rank         Artist Name
1    The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
2    Peter Jacobs, piano
3    Maria Harpner / Bruce Brown / Margarete Jungen / Dietmar Kerschbaum / Steven Gallop And The Slovak Radio Symphony Orch., Joel Eric Suben, Cond
4    Faina Lushtak
5    Fritz Gearhart
6    Maya Beiser
7    Sergei Prokofiev, Alexander Scriabin and Serge Liapounov, on the piano
8    Giancarlo Acquisti, piano & orchestra
9    Oliver Dreschsel, piano
10    Michel Wagemans, piano
11    David Ward-Steinman
12    The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
13    Markus Hinterhauser, piano
14    Laura Gilbert
15    Joaquin Soriano, piano
16    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
17    Arnold Schoenberg
18    Christian Favre, piano
19    Duo Granat, pianos
20    Elisabeth Klein
21    Chris Tedesco
22    Nicholas McNair, piano
23    Susan Glaser
24    Roger Zahab
25    University Of Minnesota Symphonic Wind Ensemble
From a classical music background, Giancarlo Acquisti has developed extensive experience as a performer, arranger and author for leading italian and intenational music publishers. He has published and recorded with FONIT CETRA, RCA, LEONARDI Group, SAMPAOLO Audiovisivi Edition, ARISTON Group, BIDERI Edition, SYMPHONY HOUSE of New York, PAUL SIEGEL of Berlin, and many others.
He has been the author of soundtracks as well as reportages for italian national television (RAIUNO and RAIDUE), including themes for TGUNO specials (Premio Hemingway 1989, Premio Capri 1990, Premio Tevere 1993). His musicianship has received several awards, including the “Attestato di Benemerenza” from the city of Genova, for his work in revitalising Genovese song writing school, and the “Lauro d’Argento” in 1962. In 2004 his “Flashback” remained for several months in the worldwide top-ten of online music giant “EMUSIC”. He is now the artistic and acting director for the classical music monographic anthology “Dal Barocco ai Tempi Nostri” (from Baroque to the present  days”), produced by italian music label “ProClassica”, Inc, and promoted worldwide. In “Raphael and the Legend of Fornarina”, his most recent endeavour in the field of modern opera, he has assembled his numerous experiences gained over the years with the London West End Theatres